• Two arms of the business

    • Small and Medium sized Business

    • We offer a regular maintenance and security service to small and medium sized companies, who would ideally have a full time IT professional "in house", but given the expense have either handed over the roll to an employee with some grasp of computers, or merely call in a professional when something goes wrong. As approximately 90% of all PC fails can be avoided by preventative maintenance, a 100% uptime of all equipment is the goal we are striving towards.

    • Residential

      In the 21st Century, every home will have both a computer and broadband, and the unfortunate part is the rule that "If your device can access the Internet, then the Internet can access your device" People at home tend to be a little more blasé about security than in business, thinking that a hacker would not bother with them. However that is wrong on several levels.

      1) A hacker will use a captured residential PC to attack many others
      2) A hacker won't even know who it is, until they get into the PC
      3) A hacker will use residential PC's to relay 1000's of spam emails


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